I like an older guy, help?

I'm 14.5 years old and work at a restaurant (owned by my parents) with a guy who lives down the street from me. He just turned 17 four days ago... I really like him. However I don't think he likes me, probably because I'm so much younger then him. Also, is it wrong to like someone two and a half years older then me? I know it probably would never work. I'm very inexperienced with guys - I've never even really flirted! I feel like he might have flirted with me a little but honestly I'm not sure. My parents are very laid back about dating, but it's not something I can really talk about with my mom because I have trust issues with her. So basically I'm asking, is it possible that it could work out and if so, is the age difference bad?


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  • Anyone who states their age in half year increments is too young to be dating anyone at all.

    But aside from that, yes the age difference is too much. 18 and 21 is fine. 14 and 17 is not. That's just too much older for a 14 year old. At your age I'd say one year max difference.


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  • You're 14. There's no reason for you to date right now and there's really no reason for you to be dating a 17 year old.

    Take this as a lesson most people learn later. Even though someone looks fun it's just not always a good idea or the right time for the situation to actually be fun.


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  • The main thing is age of consent... each country/province/state has its own laws on age of consent, as well as appropriate age gaps if both are under a certain age.

    To flirt with him, playfully touch him, smile at him as you talk to him.

  • its still ok, you should talk to him.


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