Is she's too shy?

I met this girl in high school. She suffers from social anxiety disorder and I know for certain she likes me but she's like hinata. Everytime I ask her out she always gets extremely anxious and chickens out. What should I do in this situation. She's going to therapy to be less socially anxious. Should I just be patient? Should I move on? I really do like this girl a lot.


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  • Sounds like I used to be. I'd literally cry if people talked to me or touched me (social anxiety and fear from being molested as a kid) but my now current boyfriend basically just made a point of never leaving and would always follow me around during lunch until I was comfortable and we'd talk. Then later it became more. Just tey to get her comfortable with you by doing the little things


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  • Well it is cool she is in therapy for social anxiety. I would say be patient. You say you really like her a lot, and something could blossom from this. Keep in touch with her as much as her anxiety level will allow, and of course don't make her uncomfortable. Time will tell where this will lead you. She might appreciate the fact that you are showing interest.


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  • Yes, that's possible that she is shy.

  • Just move on.. It's hard to date estramely shy girls