Do you think a guy could tell a girl is interested in him when she asks him to get coffee with her (they used to hang out in a group)?

I messaged a guy friend, with whom I had once hung out in a group setting before, to ask him to meet up with me in a cafe for a chat when he's done with a big project he's currently working on. He replied positively with a ☺️ emoji within minutes.

That was very recent so I haven't seen him in person since then. We used to talk to each other when we bumped into each other. I started messaging him, and sometimes we'd chat for a long time (I think he does that with other friends too) but he hardly ever initiates messaging conversations. When I saw him in person, I couldn't tell if he likes me that way or not. I felt like I was getting mixed signals. He seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me and would remember little details I told him, but I don't know if that's just because he's really good with people. He's good at making conversations and it seems like he can talk on many subjects for a long time with different people, but he seems a bit shy as well at times. He used to seem a bit awkward to me sometimes, but sometimes he would seem very confident and comfortable around me. He suggested having a meal together a few times before, but he always made sure to include a mutual friend or two (both girls). I'm not sure if he was setting boundaries to make it clear that we're just friends when he did that or not.

Now that I asked him to meet up with just me, do you think he was able to tell that I'm interested in him as more than a friend and might also be interested in me? Or could he think I'm just being friendly?

I'd really appreciate some input from guys especially. I really don't understand them! Please tell me where you're from. The culture might be relevant.


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  • Yeah, he should be able to tell. I'll have like a mental scale of how interested in me I think a girl is, the more attention she shows me the higher it gets, then it will start to decrease if she stops showing interest. If a girl asks me out, show's me undivided attention, makes an effort to talk to me, looks at me regularly, laughs at me when I'm clearly not funny.. all those kinds of things will indicate signs of interest to me. I won't ask a girl out unless I first think she's interested and I've never been rejected before, so I'd like to think I'm pretty good at telling if she's interested, lol.


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  • I think he could tell u are interested cuz u invited him to hang out alone.