Did he lose interest?

i met a friend off a friend, and i told him he is an attractive guy and he has a really nice voice, but he is 19 and im 30, so when i said those things i just meant them as compliments, i wasn't trying to be flirtatious. he took it the wrong way and started flirting with me! and even being really obvious saying that he's really interested in me, asking me out to dinner, dates, etc. i tried to brush it off, telling him i wasn't flirting with him, and i just meant it in a friendly complimenting way. and he accepted it and said he would back off if i really wasn't interested in him. i found out he's true age, which was only a few years younger, but still, i explained to him that i don't know him well enough to know if i'm interested in him yet, and i'm also not sure what he knows about me to be interested in me. and he agreed and said fair enough. i'd still like to get to know him and see if i'd like his personality, values, etc. but it seems like he's lost interest? he's not flirting, which makes me feel more comfortable to getting to know him, but i also feel like he's not trying to get to know me?


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  • Give it time, maybe he is just thinking. If he really lost interest, he would not try to get to know you.


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  • u gave him a brush off so I am confused...

    • i do find him attractive. but that wasn't enough for me to tell him i'm interested in him (and i'm not the flirtatious type of girl) so it made me uncomfortable when he was full blown hitting on me and telling me he's interested in me. i had only met him twice. and didn't really talk much both times. but i'd like to get to know him a bit more, to see if he's personality is someone i could like... i just don't know him enough to tell.

    • yeah but from what you said u convinced him why he shouldn't get to know you rather than telling him you would rather get t know him first...

      No harm in ever making friends x