I have feelings for a guy who's emotionally damaged from his previous relationship. What should I do? Please read?

I met this guy off a dating/hook up app and he seemed sweet and genuine. We've been on 6 dates. All of which involved no kissing or touching. I found this pretty strange at first, but figured he just liked taking things slow. I enjoyed spending time with him and slowly developed some feelings for him. We always exchanged long messages. Aside from a few compliments, he never really flirted that much. Everything was going smoothly until he just decided out of nowhere to stop putting effort in texting. I eventually asked him what was up and he said he's recovering from a traumatic break up from a month ago. He wasn't ready to pursue another relationship and needs lots of time and patience to get back into the dating game. He wants to take a one week break from texting me for some reason.. He said we could still hang out only if I want to. Should I move on or remain friends even though I've developed feelings for him?


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  • Well, it's clear that he hasn't moved on from his past relationship and so it was a wrong decision on his part to start going on dates with you ( 6 dates). I understand you have developed some feelings for him, so what you can do is wait for a while, say upto 1 month max and see the result. However even after a month if he keeps saying the same thing then you should move on.


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  • This is something you really need to think over. If you do wait it out and be his friend and support him, you're almost committing yourself to him and helping him get over the breakup. By doing that, there's always a possibility he will always see you only as a friend.

    Even though you care about him, and have developed feelings for him, this is a big decision. You have to think of yourself and what is best for you. This guy is an emotional wreck, it takes people sometimes years to get over an ex. Is that something you want to be dragged through for that long?
    I think you're better with letting him get through it and help himself heal. We grow and we learn more about ourselves after we're hurt. It shows us we can feel, and we can survive and find happiness again within ourselves in time. That is what he has to do. He has to work on himself, work on recovering and work on getting over the past relationship.

    You can be there casually as a friend, but I wouldn't get into it seriously. There's other guys out there, there's more people to meet and date and find. As much as you want to help, don't let this guy and his past prevent you from doing what is best for you.