Should I ignore him if he tries to contact me or act casual? Please help?

I was seeing this guy for about 10 months now but it's been completely on and off. About 5 months ago I decided to completely cut him off. The reason why we started talking again was because he came to my job asking for me and I contacted him asking what he wanted. So fast forward to now, we have been sleeping with each other for the past 3 months. The thing is I'm usually the one that would contact him and we would have conversations. He does work a lot and likes to spend a lot of time with his friends, I know cause I see on social media. Anyways, we had a convo one night and he told me that he cared about me & doesn't want me talking to other guys. Then about a week later I got mad at him for not contacting me the entire week and kind of told him off. He then said in a very nice way that he isn't looking for a relationship right now because he likes to get up and do things as he please without having to tell anyone or check up on anyone. It kind of hurt me because I really liked him. I also notice and feel like he started talking to this girl who lives in another state and recently his ex has been liking all his pictures. If he tries to contact me should I just ignore him? What should I do with this situation? I really like him and I thought he liked me too. It's been about 2 weeks since we've talked.


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  • Well, I do understand the situation. I think this guy only wants your company but as a friend only. He only wants friendship and nothing more. However since you said you really like him , then it can be assumed that you may start seeing him more than just friends so logically the right decision would be for you to ignore him completely.

    However if friendship is fine with you, if you think you are fine with only friendship then you can stay in contact.

    • Ok thanks for your advice. But we have been intimitate on numerous occasions, he calls me pet names such as babe etc and told me he cares about me and doesn't want me talking to other guys. So how would that be him just wanting to be friends? I think it has to do with other women

    • That's a good question

What Girls Said 2

  • Do not ignore him becuase that will make him go away even more. Talk to him about the way you feel. If he doesn't want to be in a relationship give him time but not a lot of time because he will think your not intrested in him

  • We're kind of in the same boat, except I don't think my guy is talking with or interested in another girl. I couldn't even go a full week with him ignoring me, and I cracked. My guy pretty much told me the same thing your guy told you, and it's been over a month since we've spoken.

    • It really suck because I like him so much and he hasn't tried to contact you? Do you still have him on social media?

    • I know how you feel! I really really like this guy too, like nobody compares. But no, he's ignoring me and won't even open my message. He stopped talking to me very abruptly, and it's like he couldn't care less about how I feel about it at all. We are still friends on social media, but an interesting thing I've noticed (shamefully I'm a bit of a Facebook creeper)-- he's recently deleted his ex...