Girls 18-24, would you rather date a guy who had something as ridiculous as a man bun, or a guy who shaved his head completely bald and pulled It off?

These are the polar ends of hairstyle the ridiculous feminine man bun and the shaved head, I personally shave my head from a condition I have however it's never bothered me and I've always thought most modern day hair for guys just looks childish.

  • Rather have a guy who shaved his head and looked good
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  • Rather have a guy with long hair in a man bun who looked good
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  • Girls older than requested
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Wow I'm surprised there is even that many for man bun, shaved is much rudest and more mature and also less hassle crap. Hair does not make a man.
Honestly this is pretty pathetic girls value hair so much haha, have fun with your little boys then girls. A man can do nothing about hair loss so don't act as though fat shaming is one sided (although weight is much worse than bald)


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  • My boyfriend's hair goes down to the small of his back so clearly I like long hair so I'm gonna go for the man bun :P

    • I think you voted the wrong one, assuming you did anyway, and well I'm very sorry you think that way. Hahaha

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    • Seriously enjoy your immature boy haircuts haha.

    • I would think that the immature one was the man criticising others for how they choose to have their hair but okay 'haha'.

  • First: neyo

    • I'm white unlike him but hey I respect any man who furthers the cause of the shaved head!

  • The bald guy who looks good

    I don't like men in buns