Why doesn't he respond when I text him? should I text him again?

I texted the guy I like about a half hour ago and he hasn't responded. This has happened before so then I texted him again like a half hour later and he said he was sorry and he didn't feel his phone vibrate the first time. He and I have texted before in the past. He doesn't really text me first but he said he wants for us to keep talking and texting and I hadn't texted him before today for about 5 days. Why do you think he isn't responding? All I said was "when we have lab days I don't get to talk to you in school =( how was your break?" Should I text him again? If I do what should I say?

Never mind, he just texted me back. I was freaking out for nothing! I love being wrong. =)


Most Helpful Girl

  • don't text him again, if he's really interested in you he'll text you first. Guys are as much hooked to their phones as girls. That meaning, they check their phones often to see if someone has texted or called. If he really likes you, he'll want to be texting you all the time. He wouldn't want to go 5 days without talking to you. Don't talk to him and see what he does. Good luck :)


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  • people miss texts all the time. there's a million reasons for it. send one and don't send another until you receive one back.


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  • see, next time if this happens, just chill and wait for him to text you. don't text him if he doesn't answer, he might think you're annoying.