Why is my Ex boyfriend being a jerk? He is the one who dumped me? We loved each other so why is he being like this?

Hi Ya'll! I'll make it short and simple. Me and my ex were together for number of years, we where childhood sweethearts. We are both 25 now. We had a loving relationship, I did love him and I new he loved me, he just had a funny way to show it. He did become quite verbally abusive, never ever hit me, but he did throw things and would get extremely angry and defensive over things, and would fight dirty. As in we had a small arguments, but he wouldn't talk to me for days maybe even a week of silence. I would always have to apologise (even if I new I didn't do anything ) he only seen me on his terms and never did anything for me towords the end - dates stopped, never wanted to even go go a walk with Mr, it was always just to stay over in his house for a night and then go home the next day. He went to grease for a month there in may and I was the last to know. And I wast aloud go. He went with a friend. So basically he came back from his holiday and I only got to see him for 4 days- then he dumped me over the phone on the Saturday, we had a small arugement on the Friday ( we were ment to have our first date night in a long time and he spend the night with someone else a friend) so I was a bit upset because he was away for a month and we never do things. So yeah he dumped me and never bothered to contact me. He just said ' it's over ' so a month later and I texted him and told him I still love him and miss him and was wondering was there any hope for us? or would he like to meet up and chat? His reply was 'Fu*k off my life is a piece of cake without you In it anymore, I'm working and getting on with things' I was very hurt and upset that he could treat me like this after so many years. I said ' so will I try and let go of you and move on from us' he said ' yeah go on move on' and I never wrote back. He hasn't text me. But still has our relationship status on Facebook still up and our picture on his page. Any advice? X


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  • I've learnt that guys who are jerks after a relationship ends, are normally the ones who are taking the break up hard. They're in some type of emotional turmoil. However, your ex seems to be taking that to another level. I would never tell an ex that I still want to be with them, even if I did. You made yourself look needy and that might be something about you that he didn't like. My advice is to leave him alone. Take time to love and improve yourself. Become a better version of the woman he knew. Make him regret his words.


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  • To be honest, judging by what you've said, he doesn't sound like a loving person at all. Be glad he's out of your life, and find someone who will love you and treat you with love and respect.

    • Thank you for your comment back. Yeah he was nice at the beginning. Things change abs people change. Have to keep my head up. Thank u☺

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    • Thank you so much! I was to him. I never cheated, I always stood by him, I did everything I could but it wast enough. I just hope one day he realises what he done and how he treated me. I know he was mean and horrible but I guess I need some clarity. I need some nice advice from people to cheer me up. Night time is when I get sad, but I have to try and stay strong for myself. I just don't understand why he turned out to be this way. Literally if I mentioned or said anything he didn't like, he would scream and go crazy! He even said one time he wishes he was dead because I annoy him and irritate him so much. That broke my heart. He always said things like ' I ruined his birthday because I only got his presents the day before his birthday' he walked off and told me to bring them back. He ripped up our anniversary card I gave him. I just felt a bit sad and needed to tell my story. Thank you again x

    • I'm glad to help, but now it's up to you to help yourself and find a good man to love you.

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  • I don't know, to me he sounds like he could be guilty of something. but if he chose to break up and move on, and claim he's better without you, then he has no reason to be talking to you like that. like what's the point of being so mean if he's so happy.