How to trust her again?

my girlfriend and I had a fight. And it lasted a couple of days. During that time a guy was texting her. They sent pics of each other fully clothed. And at one point he said to her if it doesn't go well with your boyfriend I'm available and she repliled sounds good. I was using her phone and he messaged her. My girlfriend and I made up but she was still texting him. I asked her about it and she got mad at me. Saying I shouldn't look at her messages even though she has my Facebook password and checks to see if I'm talking to girls. How can I trust her she won't do it again. I've noticed today when we text she says I love you more then normal. Kinda weird to me.

I feel weird now when I see her like something isn't right


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  • You can't. Because if she is still going to do it, that means she doesn't respect you at all. Its best that you two either break this off, or continue being disrespected if you don't feel something like this is so important for you to end this relationship with her. But you placed your foot down, and she still ignored that. So that says a lot about what your dating.


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  • Dump that hoe

  • I don't know how to help you out. I wouldn't be with her if I were in your position.


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