She snapchats me first everyday but always sends pictures of her hair and eyes only?

I'm interested in this girl that seems to always randomly snapchats me but its always blank (not message just a picture) with a kind of, lame picture of her hair or only a little of one side of her face. I was just wondering why she is doing this its really confusing...


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  • She is probably interested in you too... But why don't you start a convo or ask her to show her face? or something?
    She might be a little shy so that is probably why she doesn't say anything or show her whole face. But if you talk to her she will feel more comfy and you might get surprised about her.

    • I told her that I miss her cute face and she said that she misses mine, but how do you think I can make her more comfortable with me I tried to call her but she said she was sick? Thanks a lot by the way :D

    • As an former shy girl 😂 (I am still a little) I would say that calling is a scary thing. It makes you have to answer right away and then your voice might suddenly dissapear into thin air or something else horrible might happen!!!
      Just text her, via snapchat or ask her number/fb. If you chat with her she will see how you are and she will start getting more comfortable around you. Then you might be able to call her too or even ask her out.

  • She's probably trying to get your attention but shy or insecure about how she looks

  • U got me too


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