Sos need help please?

I've asked similar questions but I need advice please!!!
I'm going away to university and my boyfriend isn't.. I've done my share of flirting with guys and whatever I'm done with fuckboys I love my boyfriend very very very very much.. He gets jealous really easy are there any fixes to him not wanting me to go out partying? It's my first year so I'm going to end up going no matter what but are there ways to keep us both happy?


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  • Well if he loves you very very very very much too then you'll be missing each other. If he doesn't love you enough the relationship will eventually die. Skype, calls, every day. Share laughs, stay in contact. If you plan on making this hold. It won't be easy. Is the price too high for him or you?


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  • The combination of jealous (immature) boyfriend and you away at school is not a good one. You'll end up spending more time arguing with him on the phone than enjoying your first adult experiences.
    I'm curious though, how far away will you be from him?

    • That's what I'm scared of.. We're about an hour apart

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    • Dorm with a roommate

    • try to invite him to visit once a month or so and see how that goes. Maybe you two could find a close by hotel to stay at for a night and reconnect.


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  • Nope. It's called growing up. Within 3 months he will be your former boyfriend.

  • Are you going to university in Florida? If so I used to be the governor there!

  • Break up with him. It'll be hard for both of you


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