Why did he lose interest?

So I had a tinder date with this guy, we just hanged out and smoked. I told him explicitly that that was the only thing we would do, cause I came to his place late at night and didn't want him to think something else would happen. He was cool with that. During the "date" we Werent really touchy flirty with each other. But we had a good time. At the end he brought me home, cause I live in a bad neighborhood. I wanted to say goodbye and leave and then he asked for a hug. He then messaged me on tinder that he had a good time and enjoyed it and got my number. He then Texted me right away asking if I wanted to watch a movie some time and just hang out. The next morning he Texted me again and in the evening he asked me to smoke again. I told him I was doing something else first and then come by. by the time I messaged him I was ready he told me he would only be home after my curfew. After that I didn't hear anything from him. A couple days later I messaged him when are we gonna hang out. He told me he wasn't home for a while now, so soon? But didn't say a specific time. A couple days later he unmatched me on tinder and I haven't heard anything from him. I dont get why tho? He was so eager to hang out at first. After the first date he texted me in the morning asking why I matched up with him on tinder and told me he matched up with me cause he thought I was pretty. Before the second date he asked if I wanted to watch a movie upstairs, but the tv was in front of his bed and he wanted to cuddle from weed or if I wanted to hang out downstairs like the first time. I said I prefered downstairs and he seemed cool with that, but the second date never happened cause he said he would be home late. Pretty weird if he asked me to hang out first?


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  • maybe he lost interest in you because you told him that you won't get touchy with meand he wanted to get touchy with you


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  • He thought you were not interested in having sex with him so he gave up on you.