MARRIED FOLK OF GAG! Did you feel the "spark" with your now partner?

Or was it a sense of comfort with them? How do you define the spark? is it necessary for relationships?


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  • I honestly just knew the moment that I saw my now-husband that there was something special about him and that we would either be best friends or lovers. It's hard to explain. My husband had said the same thing about me. When I sat next to him and talked to him for the first time, there was just a sense of calm and knowing that we were on the same wavelength. Throughout our years as boyfriend/girlfriend, there was definitely a phase around 2 or 3 years that I was questioning everything and I felt that there were tons of problems and we had major arguments etc. but we worked through them. There is definitely a romantic "spark" whenever we have sex, always was and still is. There's also a sense of comfort too. I'd say a sense of absolute trust and open communication is the most important.


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  • (not a married guy, but I guess: )
    Sometimes a song comes on, and you just gotta dance, you know?


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