How to tell if he's serious and wanting a relationship?

I met a guy online who I've been dating for 2 months now. We both got out of 2 year relationships which we both agreed were terrible and had been single for about 3 months before getting on the dating app. My breakup was a broken engagement but was such a bad relationship that it didn't seem like we were ever engaged. He's attentive, always reassuring me, and has made efforts to get to know my friends and looks forward to meeting my parents. He said he felt like "he had struck gold" getting lucky enough to meet me. The feelings are strong between us and I've already met his parents and brother, but have not gotten to meet his friends. We hangout at least twice a week and text morning and night since we've met. However, when my friend asked him if we were boyfriend/girlfriend he laughed and said I don't know we haven't talked about it. He told me he was liking where we were progressing to. But he feels he is a rebound because I was engaged and it was different from his relationship. Why would he continue to try so hard and make sure we are exclusive to each other but won't put a label on it if he thinks he's a rebound? Does this mean he's not that serious about me? How much is too much when it comes to asking him where we are progressing to and how long should I date him without a label or him calling me his girlfriend? Even though we basically act like bf/gf but don't say I love you yet.


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  • You are still in the romantic "he's so wonderful and perfect stage" of the relationship. Hopefully, you have a close group of Friends that "have you back". Introduce him to your friends. Comparatively, they have "clearer heads". Get their opinion on him. Listen closely to what they have to say, especially from the friends you consider knowledgeable and wiser than you. See if they think he is Marriage material. Good friends genuinely care and look out for you.

    If your friends like him and think he is good for you, just ask him where he sees the relationship going AND tell him what you want.


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  • He sounds serious about it, but I think you should make a discussion in regards to your relationship. After all, you've been dating for 2 months and I imagine that you're exclusive, so such a discussion is a pretty normal thing to happen.