I'm not sure this guy I met really wants to hang out with me or not??

OK so I met this guy at the bowling alley on my birthday. We talked for a little bit but then I had to go and he asked for my number and said he should hangout sometime. So I gave him my number and it took him a week to text me. He asked if I was going bowling again but I said no because I was in Disneyland. He told me to let him know when I got back so I did and he said he would call me later in the week to do something. He hadn't text me yet so I text him letting him know about this party but he said he had school the next day so he couldn't come but he wanted to do something either Saturday or Sunday. He never text me so I text him Sunday but he didn't respond. On Tuesday he text me and apologized for Sunday and said he started a new job and wasn't expecting to work but if I wanted to he still wanted to do something. We agreed on Friday and he said he was excited about it. He never text me so at 4 I asked if we were still on and he never responded. It's been 3 days since then and still nothing from him. I have no idea what to even think.

I also text him asking what was up with Friday and still no reply. I just don't understand what the point of asking me to go out was is he just planned on ignoring me. I don't want to annoy him by texting him all the time but I want to know. =/ ugh!
OK so again we were supposed to hang out- my friend was having a party so I invited him. When I got to her house though it wasn't so much of a party but just a group of us hanging out and playing a few drinking games so I told him he didn't have to come.
then he said he was just watching TV so if I wanna hang out let him know. We agreed on lunch Monday ( I talked to him Saturday night) then Monday- again no response. This guy is so damn frustrating! but I just can't seem to get over it? =/


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  • Seems to be playing games. At first he seemed really interested, but now its almost as if he's got a few girls in his life and your just kind of a backup. Don't bother with him if this is what's going to keep happening, not worth your time

    • You need to get this guy out of your head somewhere because this is getting ridiculous. If you can shift your focus to another guy it would deffinetly help

    • I know I should but its just confusing when he texts me again. I dunno. he was so cute though! ugh!


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  • i would let it go and wait for him to text or call you to apologize

  • Either this guy is very forgetful or he is just playing games with you.

  • Maybe not really into you or he met someone else...if he can't make time for you or reply etc


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