Should I keep talking to him or end it?

So I met this guy from an online dating site about 3 weeks ago. I'm 25 and honestly have never been in a relationship before. The guy is really nice and we have things in common and we get along really well. But I keep having doubts and I don't know why. I keep wondering in the back of my head if I could meet someone better even though he seems to be boyfriend material and I see no red flags as to why we shouldn't date. I honestly don't know if there's just something not there and it's my gut telling me or if I'm just really freaked out to actually have something serious. The only reason I had gone online again on this site is because I had met a guy (from the same site) who I really liked but he has a girlfriend. The complicated thing was that he said he liked me back and we would get pretty physical together and almost had sex before. I knew he wouldn't break up with his girlfriend for me so I went online but I think I was hoping he would notice I was moving on and break up with her. That was about a month ago and sometimes I still wish we could of had sex together and I would of dated him even if I knew it never would of lasted. I just can't figure out how I feel about this guy even though there's nothing wrong with him lol. Any advice?

Oh I meant if I need to end it or not with the guy I'm talking to now. I haven't talked much recently to the guy with the girlfriend except we may snapchat sometimes. But with the guy in talking to now, I can't figure out me feelings and don't want to lead him on if I'm not 100% sure of my feelings yet.


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What Guys Said 2

  • For the first half of your post, things are really looking good with this guy, I don't understand why you wouldn't take it forward with him? which is actually the logical choice, don't know why you are not doing that?

    Now, the second half of your post, the signs are not good at all you said that you are talking to the guy who has a girlfriend already and that you also almost had sex with him and you still wish to have sex with him? You also said that you wish he breaks with his girlfriend. Honestly speaking you thinking is not heading in the right direction,

    I mean you want a guy to break up with his girlfriend so that you can fulfill your desires? that's definitely not a good thinking. Agreed that you are not doing anything to break their relationship but even that thinking is not really correct. Morally speaking.

    I would say you are not doing justice to both the guys. What you are doing is unfair to both these guys, I mean there is one guy who is single and available and you say he is a nice guy but you are not taking things forward, and there is this other guy who is in a relationship but you want to take things forward with him. I don't understand this thinking?

    You really need to figure out what you want, you need to get in control with your emotions and feelings. Only you can control them nobody can do that for you.

    Lastly you said that you are not 100% sure of your feelings, in that case I would suggest you should stop speaking to both these guys., You should stay single, figure out what you want, get your emotions and feelings under your control.

  • Typical female. Always looking for the bigger, better deal.


What Girls Said 1

  • You need to end it. The fact that he is talking to another women "you" while in a relationship just shows his true characters. he's a dog. "wild card" Its a normal cycle with that breed of men... Been there done that.. All it does is breaks your heart at the end. And yes there will be a end, because there's never a forever with a wild dog. Trust me he is not worth your time..