What do you think of people who are close to 30 years old with zero/little dating experience, and are generally bad with all that love stuff?

likely they never kissed, likely never had sex, maybe never had a date.

if you find out what do you think of them?

Also, if you don't know their dating/love history, and just find as you are talking to them that they are not reconizing your signals or that you are interested, do you stick around or try to ask them later if they would like to go out with you, or just give up and say fuck it?


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  • If I found that out about a girl that i was dating i wouldn't mind. Personally i dont have sny experiance at all (im 18-24 years old, i dont want to reveal my age :)) and (atleast in my mind) I'd perfer a girl that is inexperianced for my first date or girlfriend. I think i'd bit more relaxed knowing that we're both learning how to date. If i were dating someone that has experiance I would feel more nervous since they know what to expect from me and i don't. Of course as i mentioned earlier I have no dating experiance so i dont have anything to validate what i've said, it is something i thought about tho. I also imagine its different when your 30 instead of 19 too. Best of luck


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  • I'd think nothing of them.

    • As in you wouldn't date them at all or you wouldn't care that they don't have any experience?

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  • lol they sound like half of my friends. im a chemist there are a lot of goobers in that profession. i try and set them up all the time but i end up fucking the girl because the dudes dont make a move.

  • Something that happens to men more than women