Girls, Is she trying to show off to other highschoolers?

Don't take this as a joke as you further read into my question but I'm 14 in the 8th grade and my girlfriend is 14 in the 9th grade we met on the bus and ride the bus together, we've been together for almost 4 months and I love her alot! But I feel as if she wears really short booty shorts to get attention at the highschool but of course I wouldn't know I mean her shorts are so short it looks like she dosent have any on bc her shirt covers them up. She a little shy when we are in public and we kiss and all that but back to what I was saying how do I approach her about this? I mean I don't tell her what to do lord no I'm not her boss by no means, I don't tell her what to wear or anything, and I don't want to sound insecure but it's just stressful on me give me some feed back guys/girls thank you...


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  • I mean she can wear whatever she wants. I wear really short booty shorts and it's because they're comfy and cool and in trend now.


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  • You say, "listen here woman. You're not going out in those shorts anymore. And thats the end of it"