Would you date a girl who fits the bill of a "lesbian" but is perfectly straight?

I am wondering because I am a 19 year old girl, who has been labeled as a lesbian, too many times to count. I'd like to say that I have two sides to me: a very masculine, boyish side, and a very feminine, girly side. I'd say 65% of the time, I'm boyish and masculine and 35% I'm the other bit. I like boys, that is for sure. I always have and I'm certain I always will. I've never had any doubts about my sexuality. I know I am straight. At times I definitely feel that when I dress and "behave" like a boy, it's kind of a turn off to guys. I've only had 2 serious boyfriends, and they never seemed to mind, but it was also because they got to see that other side of me. I've been single for quite some time now, and I'm ready to dive back into the dating pool. I like who I am, masculine or not, and I don't plan on changing myself for anyone, but I'm definitely concerned that my masculine appearance and personality will drive guys off. ThoughtS?


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  • if i was asked out by a girl like that and she was my type and has the beauty look i like, yes, i would date her


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  • being 'masculine' has nothing to to with being a lesbian. sexual orientation is nothing the same as personality.

    your personality will turn off some people. everyones personality will turn off some people. thats a fact. an no one should be with someone who doesn't appreciate them. since you're not planning on changing yourself-which is good. only thing left to know is people calling you a lesbian are idiots.

    out of curiosity, what is it that you consider to be 'masculine' about your behavior. most behaviors overlap anyhow-few people are 100% one way- so i can't imagine you can really seem extreme.


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  • Depends. How masculine are we talking? Truck driver body? Slight beard? Receding hairline?


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  • Acting like a boy is not a turn off. Looking like a boy could very well be.

    So I do not think your personality will turn men off but I do think your appearance could.

    When you say you look masculine, what do you mean by that specifically?

    Changing your physical look is not changing yourself but just your outward appearance and it would be the change that has the most significance so why not change your physical appearance?

    What holds you back from doing that if anything do you think? Is it just not knowing how to do that? Or do it without feeling like you are playing dress-up?

    I totally get your question. I can relate. I have been asked many times in my adult life if I was a lesbian. :)