Do guys 'play the field' alot?

I probably I am too old and out of dating scene, but (single recently), why do some men keep texting me, arranging plans then leave them hanging... And boom I see them with another girl. Happened more than once. Like yesterday... he saw me, got nervous and told her to walk in front him then he catched her up again and was looking at me all the time while walking with her. I did not know what to do, I just kept walking and didn't do nothing. I definitely know he is/was single and he sounded so interested.


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  • Might vary with every guy but I did when I was single. I just kind of went berserk and showed interest in every pretty girl I saw to keep the dating options open. If I had sex with a girl though and was really into it, I cut off all other ties and would tend to get serious with her very quickly. If the sex wasn't so good though for whatever reason (ex: no feeling of intimacy/connection), I would try to have sex a few more times to see if it can get any better and then kind of move on.

    • One of the reasons I adopted this style was because I used to a "monogamous dater" in that I'd set my sights on one girl, get her number, call her, wait for a week with no reply, see her like three weeks later and she'd apologize that she was so busy and end up with another guy.

      So after that I stopped bothering with that strategy. I ended up playing the field and multitasking girls and dates as much as possible until I felt serious about one. I was looking for serious relationships though but I mainly tried to have sex with as many women as possible to help me decide which one was best for me since I found that I fall in love in the bedroom.

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  • We have to in order to be successful. Finding our Cindarella on the first go is a fantasy.

    Generally guys who put all their eggs in one basket end up bitter head cases when it inevitably doesn't work out.

    • ^^ Like this for me. I think of it kind of like multitabling in Poker:

      Technically it does make someone a worse player on a single table, but in some ways it also helps them become a better player because they don't get upset if they have a streak of bad luck on one table. It helps to get more consistent results and helps avoid mood swings which really has a negative effect if one table is not going so well.

    • @ak666 I swear you are my twin lmao. You just know a guy is pro at blackjack when you see him asking for splits.

    • Cheers! I think it is kind of a cold-hearted strategy at times to lay our eggs in so many baskets. But life's too short to do what some guys do which is like focus on one girl for months only to end up empty-handed. I still had to play this game even with a serious relationship as a goal to find someone I actually wanted to marry later on.

  • i never haver, i just saw what i desire and went for it

  • some do, some dont

  • Dating has changed a lot from when I was younger to now... For someone not used to it, it may take a while to adjust to things as they are now.


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  • It's the new dating culture these days. Sucks I know.