Girls, Why did she stop making out with me?

I met this girl and me and her hit it off. She asked about my past experiences with girls and she told me about hers. She would tell me things like how her ex used to abuse her and stuff and told me that she was single. We live in different states, but we did talk about a relationship together. She also told me how she asked her friends and old brother if I was cool and they all said yes. Soon after, we strted making out and she suddenly stopped making out with me and wouldn't let me kiss her anymore. She smiled and wiped the lipstick off my face. I got her number but she strted to respond a lot but now she barely does. What is going on in her head? She also told me that she just broke up with the ex who used to abuse her.


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  • Maybe she just isn't ready yet for you to get this close to you. Maybe she likes you too much to be just a rebound.

    • but, then what explains her sudden stop in texting me back?

    • She could just got scared of the feelings she has..

  • Who knows. Maybe she's not that into you. Maybe she started talking to her ex again. Maybe she feels guilty. Maybe you were coming on too strong while making out. Could be any of those.

    • But then why would she tell me things so personal like how she got abused?

    • Maybe you have a low paying job

    • lol damn. I don't work but she doesn't either and both of us are 21 years old. Sorry to annoy you lol.

  • Maybe she was embarrassed or she didn't like the kiss or she just changed her mind.

    • we were outside where no one could see us. she wanted me to kiss her so i did and she just suddenly stopped randomly after like 4 seconds lol.