If a girl sleeps with 50 partnrs n says it has nothing to do with her bing a good wife, then even if the number is 5000 does the same theory applicbl?

What are the merits of marrying a girl with 50 partners n 5000 partners?


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  • A woman is still perfectly capable of being a good wife even if her vagina has been a revolving door of dick. Being a good wife is about a lot of things that have nothing to do with sex and your sexual past like knowing how to cook a good, healthy meal for your husband, being kind hearted, having a solid sense of loyalty, knowing how to protect your husband, being smart with finances, etc.

    However, I would be hesitant to marry a man who had 50 partners because I would think there was something wrong with him that could become problematic in a marriage. I would think he is possibly a sex addict, a narcissist who needs sex in order to like himself, someone who cannot control his genital which makes me wonder if he could control it should he be tempted, or possibly someone who will compromise and sacrifice every moral and principal for sex. A man like that is not fit to be leading my life as a husband because he's unstable at the root. He would have to be a pretty damn amazing, phenomenal, once in a lifetime man for me to accept a past like that.

    • Great one.. thnk you... a few partners is like okay may b it did'nt wrk... but 50+ partners to say it did'nt wrk... seems like an excuse to have...

    • You're welcome and thank you too!
      I couldn't be with a guy who had 50 partners. I mean double digits is a lot but FIFTY? That's too damn much.

    • Absolutely fine mentality, you cannot expect perfection from others but that does'nt mean you would compromise with everything... Thank you n enjoy your monogamous relationship with your partner

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  • What defines a good wife? I need a rule to apply it. But well if a wife has 2 partners she's already not a good wife. Let alone 50, 5000, or the entire male population on planet Earth.


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  • It's all opinions. Some people don't care about the number of other previous partners that their partner had, others care a lot. My boyfriend had two previous partners and I had none before him, he liked that I didn't have any but I didn't care that he did. But his best friend's ex had ten other partners and it's obvious that bothered him. I personally wouldn't let it bother me if it was before me.

    • Great...2 n 10 are much smaller nos.

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  • That's why I'm going to marry a virgin.

  • Good wife to who though? I reckon they all get blurred together when you reach the 4 digits.

    I must also say your spelling is reprehensible