How do shy girls like me get married and have kids?

I know a lot of shy women who are happily married and have kids. I'm extremely shy and the thought of getting naked in front of a guy makes me very uncomfortable. I'm 18!!! I've never kissed a guy and feel awkward when they look at me.


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  • Look in the mirror in the morning. Compliment on how you look.

    "Damn, I have a bedhead. But I look good with one or without." Something on the lines of that.

    That boosts up your confidence since you are learning to love yourself. That eventually can lower your shyness to a point.

    And besides, some guys like shy girls as long as they are willing to put themselves out there.


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  • You're 18... Still kinda in the awkward shy "ugh I hate my thighs" stages of life. You'll get over it hopefully. When I was your age, sounds weird, but a tip somebody gave me that really worked was looking at myself naked in the mirror really often.


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  • i think your confusing extreme shyness with not wanting a guy at all, and that tends to be a common thing with girls. and its why guys dont bother with you girls.

  • You'll get comfortable with it with the right person


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