Did I expect too much? Did I assume?

I met him around December and we texted each other on a regular basis. During the next month, we studied together and got to know each other more. We even talked on the phone, which is something I haven't done in quite a while. He showed interest in me and hinted at the fact, though at times I'm not really sure. We held hands, but they say he's really touchy-feely so I disregarded that. But he showed interest through text, even saying that he likes me. Around Valentine's Day, he asked me out through text. I told him to ask me out in person. And he agreed. Even if I liked him, and was excited about the date, I wanted him to ask me in person. But I told my friends about it. And when we did see each other, nothing. No question, no asking out. And he wasn't even looking at me. And then after that things got awkward. And then a period of silence. No texts, no PMs, no Facebook, no phone calls. Nothing. Even if I texted him first. Is it wrong to ask for a heads up? Or did I assume something? Maybe he was joking about the date? I was sort of okay about it the last few weeks, I didn't really think about him. But then, I saw him commenting on my friends' accounts while I was online as well. :( It's just, what happened? Even if we weren't officially dating or whatever, as friends, I would've liked a little contact. :( Did I do something wrong?


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  • You did nothing wrong. Our hero lost nerve, and with it his confidence, and with that his self-esteem.

  • He may have met someone else he wants to have sex with. He's not into you, if a guy is interested he will contact you, make time date etc.


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