Me [25/F] and this guy [35/M] arranged a date. He cancels date on me. Should I reply or don't respond?

I met this guy on Bumble. We hooked up two months ago but there was a long period (for a month) where I didn't see him. We kept in touch and he would always initiate the conversation everyday. However, our conversation would like depth he would always text "Hey how are you?" "Hows your day goin?" "Happy Friday/Monday". I didn't think much of it because I thought he was probably texting other chicks.

One month later, I decided to give in and stay over at his place a few times. The next mornings when I leave he would text me "Thanks for coming over" or "That was fun". Even the days I didn't stay over, he would still text me everyday however our our conversations still had no depth. Our sex is very passionate and hot! But we don't really connect on a intimate level because we just have sex every time I do come over.

I thought maybe we can give it a shot by hanging outside of his place. So I asked him if he wanted to get high and chill at beach this Saturday. He agreed however he did tell me he might visit his parents this weekend. But he later started to plan the day (go to Venice and skateboard). A couple days after he told me "Hey I'm going to visit my parents this weekend. But lets hang out when I come back :)". I didn't reply (its been a day) because he flaked and didn't reschedule a date. He left it vague and wants to hang out when he comes back. I just don't want to waste my time and energy with someone who isn't invested. Now I'm wondering if I should reply or just leave him hanging?


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  • Up to you really.
    The only thing I'm wondering about is was there ever a connection with you two... or was it just sex and you're trying force intimacy?


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  • I really wouldn't expect much from him because at this point you both aren't even officially.
    Yes, it's disappointing but then again when you set yourself up for a "friend with benefits type of relationship" none of this is any surprise.
    I would reply to him but I wouldn't have any real urgency to hang out with him, and I'd let him a wait a little bit before the next time I see him.
    I'd sort of put the ball back in my court and make it seem as if I'm a bit busy for a little while.

    Don't give sex right away the next time you hang out.


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  • Well you knew that it would be a possibility, and after all it's his parents you can't really be pissd at it. But I get it, however I don't think he exactly flaked because he did tell you. I think you should just reply and say its not a problem.

  • Leave him hanging. He thinks of u as a fuck buddy seriously.

  • Ok I think you're expecting a lot out of him like you > His family. It's just one date he rescheduled, you don't need to be mad like this plus he did say you guys would hang out when he comes back. Just say "okay np! Have a great tim it's your family!" And do something else!