There are some thing I feel like I can't talk about with my girlfriend, is this normal/okay?

So sometimes my girlfriend and I are talking about hookup culture, and who is with who and what not between our friends and stuff, and most of the time this makes me very angry. Before we were together she was sleeping with another guy and lying to me about it, and confessed shortly after we started dating. She had gotten out of a bad relationship and wasn't thinking clearly but the situation still hurts me a lot. And whenever we talk about hookup culture in general, it makes me very angry because I think about what happened and I feel like I disagree strongly on some things with her. I really dont enjoy talking with her about this. Is this normal? I am still getting over the situation from before, but I am curious if this kind of tension is normal? Thanks!


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  • I can only see why it hurts you because she lied, however her hook up life style prior to you realistically shouldn't bother you, you like her for who she is now don't you? She obviously didn't change drastically except for now she's in a committed relationship. I would ask myself why you feel so much anger.


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  • I think it's normal. Some people don't like to talk about that stuff some do. I like hearing about my girlfriend sex story's