Why does he avoids me as if saw a ghost?

Hello, There is a guys work with who showed lot of signs at first. I returned the signs as well but he never asked for my #. He become kinda close to me and would always tease me. Sometimes his teasing would get really mean. One day I was eating and I offered him my food and literary called me fat and told to eat salad. Then, he kept going on hat I should go to gym and so on... He was smiling the whole time and laughing then when he go to know that I am still unaffected by his words he yelled at me (still smiling). I had enough and told him not to talk to me. A week we met again and started talking again, then after he starts to avoid me. It's been 6 months that he avoiding me and he sees me he choose another path to walk to not see me. If he sees me I am there he away from there and tries to get out there fast. He talks to everyone ( girls) perfectly, but not me. He didn't even can to apologize with me. :( I didn't even do anything, well I did ignored him but that's because he was rude.


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  • "literary called me fat and told to eat salad." Litterally call him an s hole and tell him to f... off. Yeah that's a proportionate response, given his offensive mockery. Say Goodbye to that jerk. Doesn't matter if he's right or not. Offensive disrespect shall not be tolerated. "Then, he kept going on hat I should go to gym and so on... " extra reason to send him to his momma for a slap on the butt. "yelled at me (still smiling). " What a sorry piece of crap. "He didn't even can to apologize with me. " Don't expect an apology. Just return the favor. "he was rude" Well that's an understatement. "Why does he avoids me as if saw a ghost?" Stop trying to explain why a madman jumps out of the window with his butt painted purple yelling Banzai. Trying to explain moronic, inappropriate behaviour of others is a waste of time. Ok, I'll try to answer anyway since you ask. He might feel sorry for treating you bad and have not the courage to look at you for it. Maybe he's toying with you, trying to convey he's disgusted (when you should be of him). Maybe he has mental issues and he's hiding from his "powerful enemies" that came from the future because he'll be very important for the survival of humankind.

    • Why would he do that to me only. Like one day out of nowhere he became so mean to me. Does he like me? I really like him but he is a jerk.

    • Well a jerk needs a prey for his crimes. No matter who. Tell a boy he's fat he'll take it badly. Tell a girl she's fat and she'll be real hurt. Well he's mean so he wants to hurt, and ladies make good targets. Which lady is unimportant. Well if what he said has some Truth in it it's supposed to cause greater damage because you'll probably believe it. And as a jerk he wants to maximise damage. He does not like you, unless maybe he's sorry for what he did. But if he really liked you he would not talk to girls. "I really like him but he is a jerk. " How can you really like a jerk that hurts you and disrespects you? He does not deserve it. I'd hate him if I were you, or despised him.

  • Maybe he just see you as a friend.


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  • He probably doesn't like you/considers you annoying. Anyway, you should ignore him back, he's an asshole.