Do you ever feel peaceful about stopping dating a good person and fall apart over jerks?

seriously FWB's alcoholics guys that pushed me around so on left me damn near suicidaI I felt in shock checking out in life impatient couldn't eat nauseated dealing with their BS.

now I met a guy I have dated two months he treats me like a princess in every respect. There is passion and honesty and feeling safe. He has my password for my phone a key to my house. He messages openly in front of me with his ex about custody but never bashes her.
Well he said we have to stop dating so he can focus on being the best dad to his girls. Having a committed relationship makes it tough

I I feel for the first time in my life ok. Like I can trust that this isn't the end. It is blind faith but I feel it. I can not cry or melt down. He never hurt me. It sucks I miss him but I am proud he is doing the right thing. And I feel when he gets his end where he needs to be maybe we will reconnect. But we are Facebook friends still and we comment here and there on statuses. It doesn't hurt because nothing he ever did was mean or disrespectful or disloyal. It was all honest. And that's what u do when y really care. He always wanted us to develop with a solid foundation to connect on many levels not just the physical.

It it seems weird how mental I went for undeserving jerks. And for my guy I feel secure and patient and calm, happy proud and hopeful trusting faith and gut feelings and unspoken feelings. Trusting that people return home to that feeling of comfort and sweetness and love. We never said I love u we felt it. He would pick me up and sing me the most romantic songs. He kept his phone put away he didn't care if it died he didn't care if I heard his convos if he had to have them w his ex. I never experienced this feeling of peace when I stopped dating someone. But I feel it is not goodbye but till next time. There is no promise to pick up where we left off. I just feel it.

Last time we were together in a drive in the mountains we had a drink up there and we found an off road so I could give him a BJ and no signal we lost track of time and he didn't call his girls to beat good night and with the divorce it is a big deal to make sure he tells them good night I am guessing not only cause he wants to but the ex would use it against him for forgetting. So I think it has to do with that. We are still FB friends and we acknowledge each other's posts a little. miss him


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  • Cool. Still, be careful, you're Facebook friends and he has in my opinion too many keys. in my opinion you're a bit too trusting but I hope you're right.

  • be the best dad he can be? he lost interest.


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  • I am glad you feel that way. Hopefully, you will end up making each other happy.