Hey, can I get some help with this situation?

Ok, so this girl i like, likes me and a friend of mine. The friend of mine and her have already had a little fling going. But he doesn't seem serious at all and I've heard that a few times and she is on the verge of saying screw it. I want to tell her she should go out with me instead. But on the other hand he's a friend of mine and i dont want to be that snake in the grass guy ya know.

How should i go about this in the best way?


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  • I wouldn't start by going up to her and saying "Hey, go out with me!" Or anything close to that. Id probably casually bring the "fling" up in conversation with your friend, possibly he'll say something to prove that he's not really that into it.

    • He has definatley already said things to make it seem like its not serious.

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  • Have a talk with your friend and say she wants a serious relationship. And if he doesn't buckle down and get serious she will leave yo ass.

    See if that worries him.

    if it doesn't concern him then the relationship will likely crumble soon. And you swoop in and do mayhem control

    • Haha i like the way you think!

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