Was this a date or not?

We had a little thing before but agreed best if we were just friends. Time had past and i asked her to hangout with me on Friday night. We went to a bar for drinks and had dinner, i picked up the tab of course. Could she misconstrue this as a date? Cuz i just want to be friends with her.


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  • Sounds like a date to me


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  • Yeah i could see someone getting confused with this for sure. The only thing is you gotta remember how she was behaving with you that night. Did she flirt a lot cause then she took it as a date or was she just friendly. Pretend you were a stranger watching the two of you hangout-would you think that you two were just friends or boyfriend and gf?

    If you don't know for sure then you gotta say some things Indirectly that indicate to her that you just wanna be friends. You probably don't want to tell her directly cause that could turn out awkward and really bad too. If you maybe need help with what to say I'm more than happy to help just ask bro