New relationship issues. Is he not into me?

I am recently divorced and back out in the dating world. I met a guy on a dating website 4 months ago. He is also divorced but it's going on 4 years since his divorce. He's confided in me that he's scared to be in a relationship again. I assured him I want to take things very slow as I am just coming out of my own divorce. I feel like he's becoming more distant lately. We do text everyday but he used to text me every night before bed to tell me goodnight, sometimes says he misses me, etc but lately has stopped doing those things. He does text every day but sometimes doesn't reply back very quickly. I also feel like he wants to be 100% in control of when we see each other. Nearly every time I try to set up a date, he doesn't just say yes but has to say "let's play it by ear" or something along those lines. I will say he is probably the busiest guy I know. He has an executive level job, travels probably 80% of the time and also has two special needs children. I know he has his hands full. I just feel like at this stage in our relationship he should be trying to find more time in his schedule for us. I'm worried he just wants this to be a "friends with benefits" type of relationship. How do I talk to him about my feelings without pushing him away? He's a very good guy and I don't want to lose him. I just want/need more from him but just not sure how to ask him for more. I'm also not sure how much of this is "typical guy behavior" and maybe I'm just expecting too much out of him.


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  • You both have children? I have few questions just pm me


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  • I think he isn't into you