Guys, : Is it absolutely necessary that the girl be 100% attracted to you?

I am a woman who suffers from "I am attracted to assholes and unavailable men syndrome." To be honest I am sick and tired of it and so fat I've been honest with the decent guys in my life and explained to them that I wasn't attracted to them. Is it OK if in the future I just ignore my lack of attraction and Let myself be treated with love and respect. Would that make me a bad person?


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  • Personally, I HATE the idea of dating a girl who used to sleep around with those kind of guys and then settles with me because I am stable and reliable. So I wouldn't knowingly go along with that scenario but there are other guys who don't have as much of an ego who probably would.

    • Thank you for your honest answer.

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  • I don't think 100% attraction is always necessary for a relationship, but there should be at least some attraction there for you

  • It wouldn't be long before you began cheating on the unattractive nice guy with some good looking asshole.

  • I always thought attraction was either all in or not lol

  • Lol, forever fucked.

  • Do whatever you want... No man should invest anything in a women like you who doesn't have any self respect...
    No one gives a fuck about you... Cause no one likes a slut who sleeps with jerks and idiots... And who lets these type of guys want all over her.. And let hey be a doormat...
    Such women like your are major turn off to me...
    I will never be with a slut who used to fuck bag guys and then when she wants to settle finally.. She would want to be with a good guy now...

    I like women with integrity... Who doesn't let anyone disrespect her... Who doesn't sleep around... Who isn't a party girl...

    So yes your are not a bad person, you are actually a loser and a shitty person

    • Learn some empathy dude. I can respect your lack of desire for such a woman that you describe but I am not a slut because I haven't slept with the assholes. I've been attracted to them but had the common sense not to get involved sexually, have been emotionally, which I've gone to therapy for.

    • Well you didn't say your didn't sleep with them... But then what's the point? Your as l are not sleeping with them nor you are attracted to good guys so what do you do? Just be single? And have a crush? Wtf?