I feel so depressed :( should I ignore my crush?

Please help me, I am a bit disappointed in my crush, but my feelings are stronger than ever :'(

He is 26 (I am 28). I am friends with his sister. I came back from beach holiday and visited his sis and fam. I got them a souvenir but not to him. As a way of meeting up with him, I msgd him a few days later, "... how I forgot to give him a souvenir. I asked if he is free to meet day after for few minutes or to come by my place to give him present. I also wrote how I need to ask him something." Anyway, he replied: "Hey Anna* I got work on next few days so I have little time. How about when my sis comes back from her trip:)". It was along those lines (in my language), no question mark. I didn't reply as I was quite upset. by the way, his sis came back few days ago.

Does he suspect I got a crush on him maybe? Why mention his sis? Could he be shy or avoiding me? Since then he like 2 of my insta pics. We've known each other for 2 years and I liked him from the start...

His birthday is in 3 days. Should I ignore it? Should I ask him to meet again? I don't know whether to play hard to get OR chase him OR confess my crush? I am an amazing girl truly, bit shy, but nice, smart, friendly, pretty too. Before I sort of sensed he liked me, I don't get him... I've been crying all past week, lost 3 kgs as I can't eat :(((


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  • You should totally try to ask to see him again. Please eat something, don't stare yourself. its not worth it over someone because I've done that as well before and it creates way to many problems for you and anyone else who gets involved. Just ask him again and clarify that you want to see him and him alone first, then his sister can be involved after.


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  • Dafuq? Just talk to the guy already. Use yo words woman... text him, write a letter, send a carrier Pigeon but do something... come on ladies, get with the times if you like the guy say so.


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  • Why are you upset and crying about this exactly? I don't see any reasons to cry...
    As for mentioning his sister could be because he knows you two are friends?

    And also don't be too chasy, but don't be too distant either. Its good he knows you may have a crush on him. But don't keep crying over him, let alone lose weight because of him. Being too dramatic isn't honestly something guys like at all, especially when it comes to crying A LOT (even I have problems dealing with people like that). If you're actually depressed though go get help, its a mental health problem and not just another word for sad.
    Let him know you want to see him again or something.

  • You're 28, not 18.

    "Ignoring" someone never works in your favor. You sound like my little cousin tbh. If you like a man, you don't have to *tell* him directly, but to show signs of attraction. Men are not mind readers, even though we'd love them to be.