Don't know whether to ask a girl at work out?

I normally have a rule about not dating co-workers however something in me is wanting to go "To hell with that rule, do something new". There is a girl who works in a different building but i do work with in a sense.

Basically i work for an IT company and certain companies outsource thier IT to us and this girl works for one of those companies. I'm actually based in the same office as her twice a week. I find the girl cute and would like to get to know her more, but i'm not sure if it's worth trying to give it a shot

I haven't spoken to her a lot, but i have given her some compliments and teased her slightly (nothing major just a bit of light hearted teasing) she seemed to react well to the compliments and teasing, i don't even know if she has a boyfriend though and i don't know how to ask without giving away my inetntions


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  • You should try talking to her more before attempting to ask her out.


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  • I've had this happen twice. The last time was right before I quit my job, But I failed to ask her for at least one date. With the other girl I got lucky because she straight up asked me in the middle of the evening rush in front of everyone. I said yes as fast as I could. This also pissed of my supervisor and some other coworkers. One of my coworkers actually confronted me over it saying "how was it possible that I got asked out by her when he was far more attractive". management even asked us on the spot after a month had gone by asking if we were boyfriend and girl friend yet.


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  • Well... it seems like she works for a different company, although you go to the same workplace as her (since her company is outsourcing projects to your company).

    So I think it's worth a shot. If you were both employed by the same company, then it wouldn't have been wise.

    And if she is 'cute', she is almost certain to have a boyfriend. But no harm in trying I guess! :)

    • No detrement to her but she is a bit more 'rounded' than most girls, i'm not saying she is fat (cos she isn't) but i'd say she has curves

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    • It isn't a deterant. If it was i wouldn't be attracted to her

      I love curvy girls

    • No, I meant to say that her unlikely to be single, shouldn't be a deterrent to you asking her out!

  • You can either just straight up ask her, and go for broke, or try to get to know her better and find out through conversation if she is attached. Probably best just to ask her if your intent is dating and not just friends first

  • just befriend her then know about basic info like if she has a boyfriend then if none ask her out