Do I have a chance with him?

So... i met a guy a little over a year ago on a dating site, he lives just up the road from me, first time we met wasn't planned was just in passing, second time he came round to sort my broken window (window fitter) met many times by chance just in passing he's came to mine on a couple of occasions for drinks and vice versa with friends, we have never slept togeather and shared a passionate kiss on 2 occasions after the last kiss he backed off a little i dug to find out why and this was my reply please guys i really like this guy whats my chances... "It's ok, I'm just not ready for anything (my name) and your worth more than just a shag and that's it. I do like u as a friend and your class but a relationship doesn't appeal to me and I wish I was ready but I'm not yet. I knw it sounds weird but I do care about u cos I don't want to do anything cos I don't wanna hurt u cos I can't offer more right now. We're I'm a good person but I think but I just do that and don't bother after that and people want more and I hate hurting people but I can't explain anymore. I've been through a lot and need time on my own to recover. That's the truth. I'm complicated but that's me I guess X but u are class and I'm sorry (really) xx" after my reply i recieved the following... "Haha silly shit. Yeah that's cool. Id love to calm an have crack with u and your mate and stuff but I can't do serious right now. And I don't wanna hurt u cos in 6 month maybe I'll have snapped out of it. I don't wanna be like this but that's how I am. And I feel like I'm not gonna snap out of it this time but I hope I will. And I knw I will just takes time. Need to sort myself out in my own way. Hope u had a good wkend (my name) xx"


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  • No you don't. It was a permanent rejection


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  • No, I don't think you do. He already told you that he is not ready for anything.

    • I understand he isn't ready he still is messaging though and saying he wants to meet up for drinks! x