Fiance sister trying to break us up?

Okay, so my fiance unfortunately had an issue previously where he would call his family members when we fought well this happened twice and he told them the bad things I would call him or whatever nothing abnormal in a fight but yeah his family ended up not liking me yet they never met me. So last week I went out by myself (my fiance knew and helped me pick out my outfit) I saw his sister and she said hi very rudely. We talked a bit and she asked who I was with I said alone. She walked away but I over heard her saying negative things about me being alone. AUTOMATICALLY my intuition kicked in and I KNEW she was going to cause a problem. We'll the next day my fiance ignored me until he got home and told me his sister said that I was with another man looking very comfortable when I was in fact by myself all night. What do i do? He says he believes me but I can feel that he trusts what she said because he said why would she lie. What do I do?


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  • Leave and find someone else


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  • Talk to her and get to the bottom of it. If you need to, record the conversation to prove you were right and she's out to get you.