When is it a good time to be myself with a guy?

So I'm dating again and Im get nervous when I meet new people in general. I can get along with almost anyone but I dont really show my true self. The closest to seeing that is my ex. Anyways. I have a pretty dark sense of humor and can be pretty creepy at times. My ex thought and still thinks I'm adorable when i'm creepy or angry. But the thing is he says I should just be myself no matter who the guy I go on a date with is. But if not at the first date, I should just let it happen naturally for me to be myself with them. What are your guys take on that? Should I just try and be myself on the first date or should I hold off?


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  • Well show it slowly. On the first date make one of your dark jokes and just keep showing more of yourself off the longer you date them. If you try to be yourself when your nervous everyone goes overboard with it. Try to just not hide it. If one of your dark jokes will be timed well then go for it.

  • It depeneds, filter out the 'dead baby jokes' and the really fucked up dark humour. Maybe some very small dark humour jokes. If I went on a date with a girl who started saying all sorts of weird fucked up shit, I would question her mentality. It really depends, if someone you don't know starts saying really creepy shit it's a red flag. If you're kind of worked into it, not so much.

    • Its not that I randomly start talking or joking about creepy things. It's more... some of the shows and comics I like are pretty dark. But after my ex, it's weird for me. Cause we just clicked the moment we met and our conversations weren't filtered at all and very random. So going from that to dating again, I feel like... the me I'm showing them is super stiff and not really... me. if that makes sense. Guess im just trying to understand what a good middle ground is.

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    • Lol I watched a few of the salad fingers videos and they looked more weird than anything, I don't know what kind of jokes would you make?

    • Thats the thing. I can joke about almost anything. but I typically sensor myself with most people aside from two. Only because they have the same kind of humor as me.

  • Be yourself. Don't immediately disclose embarrassing information, but don't pretend to like things you don't really like.


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