Dumped boyfriend and found someone better, too soon or okay?

So I was with this guy for about a month and a half or so, but I was really unhappy. I didn't feel like he treated me right, and I lost feelings for him. But because I had never broken up with someone before, I was scared and procrastinated. Meanwhile, I had met this AMAZING guy, whom I started to have feelings for. I felt guilty then, but I couldn't help the way I was feeling. I finally broke up with the guy, and 2 days later the guy I had feelings for asked me out and I said yes. (We also ended up kissing) is that horrible of me to have moved on 2 DAYS later?


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  • Completely normal for loose women.


What Girls Said 2

  • No. You didn't truly love guy number one, he didn't give you the respect you wanted. He turned you off immediately, and you wanted someone else. Guy number two took your heart. That's who you truly love. Don't feel bad. He treated you like crap and what not. You found someone who respects and loves you, the end.

  • Yes, it's you're own fault for not speaking up about problems in your relationship and refused to act like an adult. Clearly you're too young and irresponsible for a relationship. Children have no business partaking in adults things.