Would you date a Victoria Secret model? Or too tall for you?

My cousin is a model and I went on 2 magazines before (I'm 14) my cousin is 19. I was wondering if you thought models were ugly and too tall so you wouldn't date them. Besides modelling, I also get the top grades at my school (academic award), and I got 1st in my country for a sport thing and 2nd in North America and 3rd in pan America. People also say I'm really funny even though I think I'm quite serious. Would I be datable? Or too tall for you? I'm 5 foot 9. Same with my cousin.


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  • Well... I'm not model material (although I'm reasonably good looking). So dating a model would mean competition from other men who may be models themselves. I do not want all that drama, and me being constantly on my toes to keep her interested in me, when I'm pitted against men much better looking than me.

    • Wait what your saying is, u have the opportunity to date guy models? :D

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    • No, you got it all wrong. What I meant was, if I were to date a female model, I would have to possibly compete with male models who also wish to date her. And I just HATE competition like this.

    • Oh okay..

  • A very tall lady, above my preference, but still very dateable. I think you might be fun to be with. Good personality!


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  • They all masturbate on their photos but too tall to date and high maintenance as well for most men