Does it sound like he wants to meet?

Hi, I met this guy online and so far we've met twice. I just asked him out to meet for the third time saying:"Would you wanna meet some time next week?". And he replied:"Depends on my schedule, let's see." He's a really busy and blunt guy (I figured he really means what he says) but with that answer, i dont know if it's a straight no or that he will really consider meeting me... He seems normal when he chats to me, no sign of him avoiding me or him being annoyed by me.


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  • Stop overthinking it and go with the flow

  • I can be wrong, but there's no way this guy cannot make time to see you if he's interested. You said next week. That's 7 freaking days given to him. Even busy doctors lawyers make time for their dates. Unless he's going on a business trip or out of town, yes he can still fit you in in his schedule. You asked him for the next date so now the ball is in his court. Just don't think about him, try to meet other guys move on with your life. If he asks you out again, great. But don't kill yourself in between time.

  • Well, it's better then go away