Guys, One Of My Best Friends who is a guy has been distant with me, help me understand?

One of my best friends has been pretty distant with me. We have always had a thing for each other since I was in high school but lost touch for a couple years. When we started talking again he had a girl friend of 2 years but she broke up with him and then me and him had a fling I guess you could say and now he's talking to her again saying that they are together but their not. The last couple of times I have seen him, where at his parties but he has always tried to kiss me or has kissed me while she was a tending the party. Im just super confused because we need to talk about it and he hasn't responded to any of my text or calls. He says he loves her but he likes me a lot and I get it he's confused but why ignore me?


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  • The other girl knows of you and has told him he needs to dump you totally or they can't be together.

  • Has he started seeing someone who could be jealous of your closeness?

    • Not that I know of. I've met her and she seemed completely fine with me. I don't think he told her about what happened between the both of us honestly