Is he lying to me?

Without sounding obnoxious, let me explain: He's a firefighter, and a really nice one if that. He's got a good physique and is well mannered. He is lovely. He did ask me if I had done much with a boy, I was honest and said no. - I'm a virgin. He was really cool with that and as we got to know each other via facebook I learnt a few more things about him. One of which, he doesn't drink much. Or so he says. He also said he was a virgin, and hasn't done anything with a girl before. KEY POINTS: - He said he was a virgin. He's awkward with girls, apparently. - He said he doesn't drink much. He asked me on a date the other day, gave suggestions but he was really adamant on going out drinking (on the night) then going back to a hotel. (First date may i add, it's going to be my first time seeing him in flesh too.) So many red flags. When I asked him about this he said, he's not lying; not a big drinker. Only drinks on special occasions. Then went on and actually said he would 'be pleased if the evening ended up with sex, but he wouldn't force me to do anything', and he kept repeating the fact that 'he wouldn't force me' to do anything. I don't have any money, I told him this. He said he'd pay. He'd pick me up and drop me off. And would I prefer a room with two single beds or a double. He doesn't actually live where I do. He comes up here for job. Which makes me think even more, is he just using me. I have never been out drinking properly in my life, and he knows this. I asked him if he meant just going for a few drinks or if he meant to go out clubbing. He said, he'd 'leave that one for me to figure out' Originally I only thought he was lying about being a virgin. I thought quite stupidly: He's a firefighter, he'd have people throwing themselves at him. But now, i'm like: I thought you didn't like drinking, and you wanna go clubbing. Wow, you're been quite forward considering the fact you've never been with a girl before. Am I just being paranoid? (


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  • Yeah he playing you

  • Thats sounds kinda fishy to me. If I were you, I probably wouldn't go back to a hotel with him especially since this is the first time meeting him in person. Also take your own car. You can't always trust people doesn't matter the gender these days.