How do you keep a long distance relationship going?

Hello I'm British and I really have feeling for an American pen pal she thinks she's ordenary but she's perfect. She's going to college now how can I make It seem like waiting for me is the best option. She says she likes me but I feel she will find better


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  • Well, is there a silver lining? Like do you to intend on meeting, moving closer, etc? Sometimes two people can like one another, but when the future is bleak, it just seems like a waste..


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  • You just have to decide to give it a go, I have literally done this same thing with my girlfriend. I have not ever actually met her in person, but we find skyping every night (as possible) is how we keep it going.

    Of course we will meet in real life as plausible, but.

    • Thank you, I'd like to wish you two the best of luck. I'd certainly have a good bottle of of wine on ice if I ever met you two