Does my crush like me and what should I do?

I'm a senior in high school now, and I've had a crush on him since freshman year. He's really respected at school. He has always stared at me since freshman year (in class, in the hallway, at lunch, at parties) & sometimes doesn't even pay attention to the person he's talking with & faces his whole body towards me & stares. One time, on a 2 hour bus ride, he switched seats with someone & sat across the row from me & just stared at me & faced me without saying anything. A few times I approached him and said hi & started a conversation. Other times, he completely ignores me when I talk to him & talks to someone else. He seemed very awkward & was paying complete attention to me, but he never says hi first. Once, his friend asked him who he was going to ask to a dance, but he said he had someone in mind but "didn't know her well enough" and then they laughed (all right in front of me). Before a class that we shared last year, he would always check himself out & come to the group I was with, look me in the eyes, then talk to someone else. He flirts with other girls & jokes with them, but he's usually pretty serious around me. Sorry that this is so long, but should I ask him out/ tell him I like him, or ask him if he likes me? This is my last chance (senior year), so what do you think I should do? (Does he like me back?)


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  • If it's your last chance then you have two ways to look at it - ask him out anyway because this is it. Or don't ask him out because this is senior year and you are both fling separate ways anyway. I say ask him and see where chips fall


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  • He's into, he definitely likes you.. go for it and see what happens


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