Would you take days to respond to a girl if you are still figuring out where you want the relationship to go?

I'm talking to a guy who takes days to respond in between messages, but shows a tremendous amount of interest in me when we talk. We're going out on a date soon. Everyone keeps saying that if he's taking days to respond, that he's not interested... But, he does show interest in me... I'm really confused and can't figure out why he takes days to respond if he appears to be so into me. I'm thinking that maybe he's not sure about me and wants to take things slowly?


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  • You can't be this dumb. He isn't interested but is to much of a pussy to just say so and this is a tactic to keep you hanging around like you are so he can use you as a backup plan till he finds someone else

    • 3mo

      Why would he waste his time making plans to date me if he's not interested?

    • 3mo

      How long do you think it should take for someone who's interested to text back in between messages?

    • 3mo

      This is the deal. There is no time to think things over. He either wants to or not. Since he's hem hawing it's a no. Move on and get over it. Stop waiting around like a dumbass

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  • "he is dangling a piece of meat in front of you.
    also the date hasn't happened yet right? "

    It doesn't matter how many ways you ask the same question on GAG, you don't want to hear what we are telling you.

    you can wait and wait and wait...
    it also shows your lack of self esteem and he is hurting your confidence...
    you need to get out and meet other people and have a life. guys can see through you.

    everyone told you after 1 day, done...

    also he didn't make a definite plan with you...

    Definite plan -
    Guy - hey, what kind of food do you like?
    Girl - i love..., ..., ...
    Guy - (text her 3 diff. types of restaurants. for her to chose) because her opinion matters to him
    Girl - I wold love to go to...
    Guy - Great, will Friday or Saturday dinner work better for you?
    Girl - Friday.
    Guy - what time?

    You get it?
    prob. not...

    you have to love youself first.

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      Does any guy making a definitive plan prove that he is in fact interested?

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    • 3mo

      you are going around...
      when and where is the date?

    • 3mo

      so he made no def. plans with you...
      text you here and there... and you fall for it...(you didn't show me an example of how you two text)
      i just hope you learn from this and not go to any guy who would give you a lick of a lollipop... and thinking you would get more...
      he can get you in bed and drop you so fast with your low self esteem issue...
      but he is dating other woman to be bothering with you at the moment...
      we have giving you a few examples of when a guy is interested... if you don't want to understand it, we can't help you.
      good luck to you...