How do I tell my dad I want to date a friend of his?

My dad's friend is 35 and I am 22. He has recently became a great friend of my dad's this past year since starting working with him. He spends a lot of time around us and at my parents place. He has been teasing me on and off over time and I of course tease him. Last night he and my dad went for drinks and came back really drunk. My mom helped my dad to bed and my mom told me to help him into bed. So I just took his shoes and socks off and helped him into the bed and he turned and told me he really likes me. I ignored it as drunk talk and let him sleep it off.
The next day he was naturally hungover so I made him some breakfast and coffee, he didn't say anything really at first other than thank you for the coffee and as I was leaving he said "I meant what I said last night, drunk or not. I just went overboard with the drink" He also wants to take me out on a proper date I really like him, he's a great guy, single, no previous attachments or kids but my dad will flip. I just know it. My mother already knows I have a crush on him and she could see a while back he liked me too. Should I just tell my dad or what?


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  • You're an adult in full control of your destiny. If you think it will work, then tell your dad, and give it a go with this guy. You don't have a lot to lose.


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  • You should talk to your dad and explain him the situation. I think it's better than if he learns it by someone else or if he just discover it.


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  • Maybe go on a couple dates first to test the waters, then tell your dad.

  • Ewww!

    • Why eww? Because I like someone older than me? He is not my dad's age. My dad is 50. The guy is 35. I'm hardly a child.

    • Yeah that's exactly why