Ex dumped me 6weeks ago, there is a guy texting me, I feel guilty and worse. should I stop texting him? Please help me?

My ex boyfriend who I was with for 6 years broke up with me 6weeks ago. He ended it over a text message and was pretty mean and horrible to me the last few months of our relationship. He turned verbally abusive and also when he broke up with me he told me to 'fu*k off and go find something productive to with me my life and told me to move on' obviously the last few weeks have been upsetting but I have accepted he broke up with me. I reached out to him 2 weeks ago and asked him was there hope and told him I really do love him and missed him. He replied saying 'my message was backhanded bullsh*t and he wants me out of his life and he's happy and his life is a piece of cake without me' so I just replied 'ok' weeks have went on and I haven't talked to him, and he's disappeared. This is guy now who has liked me for years is talking to me, he's just being nice to me and he knows the story. But I am not over my ex and I feel weird even talking to another guy. I do like this guy he's good lookin and very kind. It's just nice to talk to a nice person again. He asked me to go for a walk but I'm very unsure. I'd feel like in a way it would be wrong of me? For some reason. I don't want another boyfriend obviously I'm not over my ex and I'm very hurt and emotionally hurt over what he said to me and done. But is it wrong of me to talk to this guy? We can be friends? But I am very feel lonely, but I don't want to hurt this guy. I did tell him I'm not looking for another boyfriend I no I have to heal and find myself again. My ex said to me 'you will never another guy' so talking to this guy is just nice, he calls me beautiful and a lovely person. We do get on quite well, I'm just a bit confused and feel like I should stop texting this guy. When my ex broke up with me my friend introduced us, we did no off each other tho. I'm 24 if that is any help. Thank you guys I just need a honest opinion and help with this. I am still hurting be bad :(


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  • No, it isn't wrong at all. You are effectively a free person. You are right to be cautious and not rush into anything deep and heavy. You are allowed to have guy friends, though. He knows the story, and will be there to help you through the rough time that's happening now. Just be friends and give yourself lots of time.

    You won't get over this in a day or two. I promise, though, it will get better.

    • Thank you for your lovely reply. I no I won't feel like this forever but the pain is just horrible right now. I do really miss, even after the way he treated me, my family said it was a lucky escape. I guess I'm just really upset how he replied to me and how mean he was. And how he has disappeared. But the other guy is nice and I do not wanna rush things! But yeah he might be able to help a bit. Thanks again ☺

    • You're always welcome! Take it easy and pamper yourself. Treat yourself to a little something special!

    • Thanks for MHG!

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  • It is wrong to use another guy in order to get over your ex. You should make him clear that you're not interested in him, otherwise you are going to end up leading him on.


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  • you are one hundred percent right just be careful of a rebound they are the quickest way to heal but they hurt your partner

  • Only way to move on, is to do exactly that... move on. Ur ex doesn't want u. He made that clear. This new guy obviously likes you, why shouldn't u give him a chance?


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