What's going to happen?

I've been with my boyfriend close to a year, he's ten years older than me. We live two hrs apart I knew going into this it wouldn't always be easy. He has a busy job I know because I had the same job plus I'm a single parent but I've always made time for him. We were talking about getting a place together n him getting to know my child but I haven't seen him in two months because he's so busy, I flat out asked him what's going on n if he doesn't want that or isn't ready let me know, he said he does it's just crazy at work. I invited him to my daughter bday n after saying he should b able to go he said after I asked he now has to work. He could have not worked. I bugged. It hurt he hasn't met her yet n I haven't seen him. I let it all out , he makes everything else a priority n the one thing I ever asked from him he didn't do when he could have. I basically said I knew what I was getting into n was OK with it but this is ridiculous especially I offer to go to him n have always made time for him with more on my plate n that he needs to show me he wants these things with Me n loves me instead of just saying it n to take a few days to think about it. He said nothing I texted him again after my flip out the next day apologizing for the way I came at him n told him to put himself in my shoes. He said nothing so I said if he really doesn't wanna b with me after everything to say so instead of letting me sit here like n idiot blowing up his phone upset. he still said nothing... like wtf... I know I should have gone about expressing myself in a better manner but I stood up for myself n what I deserve. Does he really not care? M I gonna hear from him again? I'm not messaging him again I deleted his number in case I get tempted to but what is going through his head.


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  • You may be to much for him to take on right now, I think you may have scared him off, his job seems to be his biggest priority right now and doesn't make time for you


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  • I am sorry, but I think he no longer cares and he lacks the backbone to tell you that. Block him everywhere and move on with your life.