Is there any way to find out whether this girl likes me without ruining our friendship?

I really like this girl, and we're good friends. She laughs at all my jokes, and I love talking to her. But she's a really good friend of mine, and I'm friends with all her friends (and her older sister) and I'm worried that if I ask her out it will ruin our friendship and my friendship with all her friends. I'm not too confident that she likes me, and I'm not sure if it's worth ruining our friendship, even though I REALLY like her.


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  • Lol I'm in the same spot your in only I'm crushing on my close freind that has a twin sister. I will never get her alone to talk about how I feel with her. Without it being really awkward. If your really good freinds with her and her sister and freinds. I can guarantee that a few of them have noticed how you are around her. But have not said anything. Talk to her sister about it, tell her sister that you like her younger sister and that your not sure if it will hurt your freindship with her. She will like that your being honest with her and who knows her sister might even have a crush on you back. Or her sister might love the idea of you two together and she might give her sister a push to try and date you. The way that I told my close freind that I like her was through a note yeah after 3 weeks the only thing about her I noticed was she was more nervous around me and her sister is always next to me. When I flirt with her she says aw thank you and smiles but I'm getting nothing other wise. Not even a hint from her sister who seems to just ignore the fact that I flirted with her sister right in front of her.
    Your under 18 no matter what happens you will still easily be able to become freinds with her again. None of her freinds will hold you getting a crush on her against you. I know right you think that they might but they won't. In fact it is usually the opposite they usually view you in a higher esteem because you had the courage to talk to her about it.
    Go for it man ask her sister or freinds what she thinks of you or that you like her. Trust me it is way better to find out that to live with a crush on her for a while. I wish you luck with her man. I hope that your situation turns out better and faster than mine has.

    • Thanks man. I hope things go better for you too. I laughed a bit when I read your answer, because I actually had a huge crush on one of a set of twins once also. Her sister was pretty cool about it. When I asked her if she knew (after like 2 years of liking her sister) she was like, "oh yeah, I know. And I really don't care." That was a hard one to get over when I finally realized she didn't like me at all. I've never had great luck, but I hope that changes (for both of us.) Good luck man.

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    • Yeah it sounds more like she was a friend that cared that she hurt you and did not realize how much until latter.

    • Thanks for mho


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  • You just have to take a chance and go for it. Just tell her how you feel next time you guys are alone together...

  • Tell her, you'll regret it and always wonder 'what if' if you dont. Maybe take a semi casual approach though so you'll find out whether or not she likes you too, but not make it a big deal if she doesn't reciprocate. I know if it was me, I'd still want to be friends with the guy either way


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  • If you are very sure she likes you back then you might as well tell her.
    I mean, if you don't tell her, you may never get over her, and that'll cause you pain for a long time.

    Trust me dude I've held it in for 2 years and it was probably good that I told her, even though I essentially got friendzoned.